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Canopies that we protect, have varying amounts of degradation caused by environmental conditions, either inland or coastal, leading to a corroded structure and an unsightly appearance. By selecting the correct coating system and application method, ML Industrial Exhaust Silencers can supply and apply a system suitable for your business requirements.

At ML Industrial Exhaust Silencers , we work closely with our coatings manufacturer to ensure the highest level of protection is attained throughout all our bespoke projects.

Generally, Canopies and other metallic infrastructure may only require a corrosion and UV resistant system however, additional specifications may be put forward to encompass any imponderables i.e., structures that may have already incurred some through-wall defects. These can be filled with a Corrosion resistant metal repair paste to provide rigidity for the corrosion resistant system to be applied thus.

For Canopies that only require a corrosion resistant UV stable system, we can look at a design life of 10 -15 years or a 20 –25-year option. These systems are similar although, the design life can be extended by the addition of a further coat of each element, namely, Aluminium Primer and UV stable Polyurethane topcoat. These coatings not only offer the corrosion resistance for many years to come but the UV stability ensures that the aesthetics will remain long into the design life.

The coatings we utilise at ML Industrial Exhaust Silencers  have been used for many years across 65 countries worldwide, with proven technology and excellent results. This quality ensures that our clients achieve the results required for their business and ML Industrial Exhaust Silencers receives more enquiries and an extension to our ever-growing portfolio.

Application for 10 - 15 Years design life

All metallic elements will be cleaned, repaired, and abraded to accept the corrosion resistant system. 1 x full coat of Aluminium Primer will be applied at circa 150 microns and allowed to cure. This will then be overcoated with 1 x UV stable Polyurethane coating to aid the ascetical appreciation at circa 120 microns. Overcoating times and environmental conditions will be strictly adhered to throughout the project.

This system, once cured, will be inspected to ensure that the durability attained.


Two Alu Prime Under Coats & Two Topcoats UV Stable Polyurethane 20 to 25 years protection


One Alu Prime Under Coat & One Topcoat UV Stable Polyurethane 10 to 15 years protection

Applications can also be undertaken where the roof structures may be in a state of disrepair. Certain canopy roofs may have failed in localised areas allowing the elements to damage plant and materials inside.

ML Industrial Silencers can bridge and reinforce these damage sites and tie these areas into a full Weather Resistant Membrane System.

By using a membrane system, it removes the necessity for hot works such as welding etc. and lowers the risk to personnel, plant, and equipment.

This system comprises of a primer and two coats of the membrane with the first coat embedded with a fibreglass reinforcing sheet.

This will then be fully inspected to ensure the fibreglass is fully wetted out. Once cured, this will be overcoated with another coat of Membrane to smooth out the finish and aid the weather resistance. A full and final inspection ensures that the system is watertight throughout.
This system is widely used on other canopies and flat roofs to waterproof and protect for circa 20 years +.

The Health and Safety, Environmental and Ecological considerations are factored into the program for each activity to ensure that high standards are achieved throughout all aspects of the works.

The coating systems used by ML Industrial Silencers are all made in the UK and carry the require data for the safe use of each product (SDS’s)